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Mama Strut by Pelv-Ice

Mama Strut Organic Postpartum Pads

Mama Strut Organic Postpartum Pads

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Mama Strut Organic Postpartum Pads provide ultimate comfort and protection for postpartum. Made of 100% organic materials, these pads are super absorbent and designed to fit the contours of your body. Soft and comfortable, Mama Strut Postpartum Pads give you the protection you need with the comfort you deserve. A must-have for postpartum care. 

After giving birth vaginally, you're going to want the proper product designed just for this circumstance. It's not your period, it's postpartum. You're going. to want a product designed with the proper materials and specifically for postpartum bleeding. 

Includes 10- super absorbent postpartum pads. 

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