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Who adores a spectacular Mystery bundle!? WE DO!
We've cherry-picked the perfect fun finds for our personal faves for you to discover at a madly discounted price!

Just in time for the Holidays - you can keep 'em for yourself or bestow them on your friends!

So, what's inside? This 2-item bundle is a fantastic choice for dipping your toes into the mystery bundle life (warning: once you start, you can't stop!)

Our Pink Friday kick-off: introducing MUMS Mystery Bundles! 
You've seen these making their rounds on Social media for their unbeatable value and unique unboxing experience! 

Here's why people love them:

— Unique Unboxing Experience: Look forward to mail day even more than usual with a surprise waiting inside. People love unboxing the mystery. What will you get? 

—  Unbeatable Value: Save an average of 30-60% on your favourite styles compared to buying items full price (we know, it sounds too good to be true) 

— Limited Edition: Offered only 2-3 times a year and never before during the fall/winter months, these bundles are an exclusive Pink Friday offer you won't want to miss out on! (seriously, don't be that girl that cries FOMO)

— Handpicked Wardrobe: With a mystery bundle, you're not just saving on your favourites; you're receiving handpicked pieces right in your hands!

Mystery bundles are a one-way ride - meaning no refunds, no exchanges, no U-turns! 

Feel free to give us some insight, tell us a bit about yourself at checkout, styles, anything you think we should know about - and while we'll try our best to take it into account, it's no guarantee of getting what you request, but we'll try our best.


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