Hospital Bag 101

Hospital Bag 101

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby can be an exciting and overwhelming time. One important task to check off your list is packing your hospital bag. To help you feel more prepared, here is a comprehensive list of items that you might want to pack in your hospital/birthing bag.

For Mom:

1. Comfortable clothing for labor and postpartum recovery

2. Non-skid socks or slippers

3. Nursing bra(s), nursing pads, nipple cream/butter

4. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, mositurizer, etc.)

5. Hair ties or headbands

6. Snacks and drinks to stay energized

7. Phone charger, camera, ipad 

8. Important documents (ID, insurance information, birth plan)

9. Large watter bottle

10. A note book & pen 

11. A comfortable, loose fitting outfit to go home with

12. Welcome baby sign & swaddle/outfit for introductory photos

13. Postpartum pads, Underwear, Perineal foam/balm,

For Baby:

1. Going-home outfit

2. Swaddle blankets

3. Newborn diapers and wipes

4. Baby hat and mittens

5. Car seat for the ride home (base already installed)

For Partner/Support Person:

1. Comfortable clothing and snacks

2. Phone charger and camera

3. Toiletries

4. Entertainment (books, magazines, etc.)

Remember, every birth experience is unique, so feel free to customize this list based on your personal preferences and needs. By packing these essential items in your hospital bag, you can focus on welcoming your new bundle of joy with peace of mind.

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