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Fizz Soakery

Gift Box bath fizz bomb

Gift Box bath fizz bomb

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Our bath bombs are very concentrated with colour and provide wonderful bath art. ( embed colours will vary)

Some float and some sink due to amounts of oil and cocoa butter added, so while they're activating I always suggest holding them to the surface for best bath art.

Colours, scents and textures will vary as they are handmade one at a time.

If you decide to hold them, however, it may cause slight skin staining. If this occurs it usually comes off with a quick scrub.

All bombs have cocoa butter, so please use caution while entering/exiting the tub.

All bombs are tested and passed by Fizz Soakery before selling, but please be cautious of the colour if your tub is porous or lacking enamel. I suggest cleaning the tub before using any bath bombs and rinsing your skin after-especially with dark or bright bath bombs.

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